the Jau Virtual Machine

A VM in Java with tail-calls and continuations

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A new minor release - 1.0.1

That's right, I've made a maintenance release a couple of days ago.

It corrects a minor issue that didn't manifest itself on files compiled by javac but that was, nevertheless, a bug since it affected legal .class files.

Along with the bug-fix came new features (not big, but I believe cool): checkout the forkThread and the saveCurrentTo methods on the Continuation class. You can also load and return to a serialized continuation right from the command line, see the main method for details. And, as you can gather from the links, the documentation has been updated accordingly.

All these changes have also been merged from the rel-1.0-devel branch (where they originated) to the main trunk.

That's all for now, thanks!