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Friday, July 08, 2005

Yay Sourceforge!

I finally got the JauVM accepted at Sourceforge. A link to the project page is - you guessed it - in the links section.

Why am I this happy about it? Well, it was quite an adventure... read on.

The project was rejected upon first review, but it's done now:

SourceForge.net Project Approved

Your project registration for SourceForge.net has been approved.

Project Information:

Project Descriptive Name: the Jau Virtual Machine
Project Unix Name: jauvm
CVS Server: cvs.sourceforge.net
Shell Server: shell.sourceforge.net
Web Server: jauvm.sourceforge.net


-- the SourceForge.net crew

It turns out the rejection was due to my description being too vague. I'd linked to the proposal text, but it seems the reviewers just don't follow links.

In the end, it all went pretty smoothly: I supplied additional info - more or less copy-pasted the first two paragraphs of the proposal text - and before I knew it, the registration was accepted, in 2 business days instead of the expected 5.

Yay Sourceforge!

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Acacio said...

Yay! :o) Maybe you could effectively start writing some code, instead of just pretending to. God knows what I put thru with you! :-p

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