A VM in Java with tail-calls and continuations

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The final Summer of Code release - 1.0b1

As promised, here it is.

Nothing new, no new features. Just the API Specification, and some really minor modifications.

So that's it, download it, if you will, and remember I appreciate any feed back.

I'll rest for a few days now. Just hope I've deserved it!


António Afonso said...


Unfortunately I wasn't able to accompany the development process, phone lines where I stayed at vacation were all burned up by the terrible fires :(
So, has google pronounced itself about the final release? :)

Best of luck!

ncruces said...

Not yet.

Personally I'm pleased with the outcome, and I've had some positive feedback from my mentor. No final decision yet, though.

I guess I'll hear more from him next week.